Week 35 – Now showing in a locale near you

With spring approaching all sorts of things are starting to pop up. In week 35 of this calendar year some things that have been observed for the first time this season up on Junction Hill are:

Early Nancys (Wurmbea dioica) (see previous post) – first lily bloom

hypoxis glabella IMG_5711Tiny Stars or Star Grass (Hypoxis glabella) – another member of the lily family





Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi) – first butterfly of the spring



DSCN3152Frog spawn – coming to a pond near you. Obviously all that croaking was not in vain.



buttercup DSCN3431Australian buttercup or Yarrakalgamba (Ranunculus lappaceus) – I saw the leaves in the bush and thought for one horrible moment the parsley had gone feral. Then I saw the flowers.


The first magpie swoop of this nesting season

Keep your eyes peeled. With the start of warmer weather everything is beginning  to reveal itself.

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