Flowerdale Landcare (formerly King Parrot Creek Environment Group Inc.), was incorporated in December 2012, under the shade of the towering manna gums in Coonan’s Reserve, Flowerdale, by a group of like minded people with a keen interest in and enthusiasm for the beautiful environment we share in the Flowerdale Valley. The name change to “Flowerdale Landcare” was voted unanimously by members at the A.G.M. of 21.9.14

The purpose of Flowerdale Landcare is “To Improve and Maintain the Health and Biodiversity of the King Parrot Creek in the Flowerdale Area” and “To Encourage Environmental Awareness Within the Community”

Flowerdale Landcare focuses on the region between Coonan’s Reserve and Wallaby Creek. Our immediate neighbours are the Strath Creek Landcare Group to the west and the Kinglake Landcare Group to the east.

Flowerdale Landcare fills the gap which has in the past seen environmentally minded Flowerdale residents gravitate to the Strath Creek Landcare Group. At one time around 30% of the Strath Creek Landcare Group was made up of energetic people from Flowerdale, with the co-founder of Flowerdale Landcare having learnt about Landcare principles through 36 years of combined service with his partner in Strath Creek Landcare Group.

Activities of Flowerdale Landcare are not restricted to planting native vegetation, although this is one of the traditional Landcare efforts in our communities. We also like to focus on many other aspects of learning and enjoyment in our environment.

We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with other Flowerdale Community Groups and put the building of a positive identity for Flowerdale first.

Flowerdale Landcare is governed by Rules of Association based on the Incorporations Reform  Act 2012  Model Rules.

The current committee is;

President: Paul Michael

Secretary: Stephen Joblin

Treasurer: Linda O’Bryan

Vice President: Langton McHarg

Committee: Ken Mival, David Houlden


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