tiger snake

Broom Busters


Members of the King Parrot Creek Environment Group and friends gathered beneath stately manna gums to claim the first event of the Biodiversity Spring Calendar. The event was “Broom Busting” at Moore’s Reserve, Flowerdale on the last day of winter.
Cape Broom has developed into a problem along the creek and roadsides in Flowerdale taking advantage of the opportunity created by the 2009 fires. Broom is a prolific seeder and is beginning to come into flower. It took just an hour for this mound of broom to be pulled out. In some cases, the trunks were cut and painted with glyphosate. DSC_0293


Hot, Hungry and heading for lunch

Lunch break was called early, after one of the group surprised a tiger snake. Adrenalin always brings on the urge for a cup of tea!
This Landcare Group, still in its infancy, has chosen “Broom Busting” as one of its priority activities and aims to make it an annual event.

Connor takes the plunge!

Connor takes the plunge!


The inaugural “Golden Broom “Award was claimed by Carol Stadelmann.

The King Parrot Creek Environment Group next meets for its 2nd A.G.M. at the Flowerdale Hotel on Sunday evening 21st of September. Enquiries to the secretary; Steve Joblin on 0412 334 521