Murrindindi Shire


The Clean-Up Australia Day project for Flowerdale is complete for 2015. We encourage local residents, walkers and fishing persons to continue collecting rubbish in the region as they come across it.

Our group of willing rubbish busters doubled in size from last year. Consequently a greater area was covered (from Flowerdale Community House to the Flowerdale Hotel – @ 7.5 km) and more rubbish was collected. Most of the rubbish was collected along the road side, mainly empty plastic bottles, cans, and coffee cups and lids. The pedestrian path along the Creek was also cleaned up.

Rubbish was clearly concentrated at culverts that take water under the road and into the King Parrot Creek. By helping to remove rubbish, these volunteers are also helping to keep the Creek environment favourable for the many creatures that inhabit the waters. Thanks to all who participated and to the Shire of Murrindindi who supported us with lunch for the volunteers and the pick up of the collected rubbish.