koala call

March is Koala Month……

Flowerdale resident Erin mailed in the following vignette……..

Hi Steve

We first saw the Koala on Tuesday morning just out the front of the house … Ben noticed it on the ground when looking out his bedroom window (how awesome living in the country!!?).  It then scaled one of the huge eucalypts at the front of the house … I have a couple of photo’s but I only had my phone on me so they’re not great.  It was also up about 30m!!  I had actually heard it grunting and growling on Monday night when I was locking up the chooks …

Then of course it disappeared and it was only this morning when I was dropping the boys off at the bus stop that I noticed it again (I presume it is the same one).  Last known whereabouts … about 20-30m along our road on the right hand side (on letterbox side of road).  It’s not on private property – there is a small grove of eucalypts on the roadside.  Hopefully it’ll stick around there in time for you to have a look tomorrow.

Don’t get mobile reception at farm (unless you stand on one leg on a ladder with your arm out the window and your tongue sticking out …).

Thanks for sending in your observation Erin. I checked the area you indicated and was able to locate the koala asleep in a grey box (Eucalyptus macrocarpa). I had a pretty good look at it and am sure it wasn’t Ted, who appears in an earlier post. There was no ear tag on your koala and no scarring. I went back again this morning but the koala had moved on overnight. The vocalisation you describe is actually the love song of the male trying to attract a mate. Consider yourself serenaded!   Click here to listen to a koala call http://youtu.be/qIuHICSahzc

March is Koala month and the King Parrot Creek Environment Group would love to hear of any sightings in the Flowerdale region this month that we can verify and map.

Call me on 0412 334 521 or email me through this blogsite and we will send someone out to photograph and gps your sighting.