Valentines Day in Flowerdale


Yes, we are a romantic mob out here. And what could be more romantic than a BBQ and a glass of bubbly in the beautiful bushland setting of Flowerdale Community House. Twenty nine Landcare members and friends enjoyed an hour together in the evening before taking up observation points on the King Parrot Creek from the Silver Creek Road bridge to Moore’s Road, Flowerdale. Families and couples spent an hour observing the Creek at 8 sites that were suspected to be good habitat for platypus and the native water rat (rakali). A total of  7 Platypus were seen, including 1 in the Flowerdale township, and 3 together near the Hazeldene Store. Rick W. could not attend on the night but recorded his sighting the day before. These observations were a very good result as the water level in the Creek is a little low after a long dry spell. Some terrific video footage was obtained and will be shown at Flowerdale Community House at our next event. Although 7 children attended this event, none were bitten by bull ants or fell in the Creek this year.

Next Flowerdale Landcare Event; Clean Up Australia Day, March 1st, 10;00 a.m. to 12 noon

We would love to see as many hands on deck as possible. We will meet at the Flowerdale Community House for registration and work towards Hazeldene Store picking up rubbish. Some of this stuff ends up in our Creek after storms and detracts from the habitat that allows Platypus and our iconic Macquarie Perch to flourish. A BBQ lunch will be provided at Flowerdale Community House courtesy of the Murrindindi Shire.


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