The King is Back



Since arriving in Spring Valley Road, Flowerdale  seventeen years ago, Heather and I have taken a very keen interest in revegetating and restoring our landscape. The hill country which forms 50% of our property has been fenced off and thousands of local trees and shrubs planted over the years. As the landscape has been improved we have noticed many bird species visiting or residing on our block. We have sighted 108 native bird species in that time. Some have been rare sightings like the Hooded Robin (Melanodryas cucullata). Other birds have been infrequent.

Up until 2 years ago we had only seen the King Parrot (Alisterus scapularis) on our property in 2002. This parrot is always present foraging along the King Parrot Creek that runs through the Flowerdale Valley. The Creek in fact was named by Hume and Hovell on December 7th 1824, after sighting king parrots during their exploration through the area . It seems  in the last 2 years that the King Parrots have been moving up the Spring Creek and taking advantage of fruit trees and native revegetation in our valley. It is now a more frequent sighting announcing its arrival with a high pitched whistle. When feeding it is silent, lest it be discovered destroying your favourite fruits. Losing all my pomegranates was worth the company of these strikingly beautiful and relatively fearless birds.



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