Blackberry Busters !


Geordie, Steve, Bec, Kara, Brandy, Rick and Ninja

Geordie, Steve, Bec, Kara, Brandy, Rick and Ninja



King Parrot Creek Environment Group are now the custodians of a 600 litre spray unit. Originally purchased by the Flowerdale Environmental Work Engine with funds provided by the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund, this equipment was for some time unavailable for use. It took a lot of effort by members of the group and the Flowerdale Community to have this unit placed with a community group based in Flowerdale.

KPCEG made use of the unit for the first time today. Members Steve, Rick, and Rebecca, made short work  of a major blackberry infestation. Today’s effort covered a 25ha property  for a cost to the owner of around $60 (chemicals and petrol). KPCEG members volunteered their labour (a total of 12 hours).Rebecca is also Project Officer of the King Parrot Creek Blackberry Action Group. This is a 3 year project along the creek to encourage landholders to work together as good neighbours to control what has become a huge problem since the fires of 2009. The C.o.M. of our Group committed to assist genuine locals who lack the means or ability to tackle this problem on their own.

With autumn leaf fall fast approaching, there is little scope left for effective blackberry spraying, but we expect the spray unit to be in demand from November onwards.


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