Eagles vs. Hawks

Linda, a keen member of the King Parrot Creek Environment Group, sent in the following observation;

Ron & I saw a very interesting thing early this afternoon.

Ron has tied a t-shirt up on the boundary fence at the top of the hill- Ron is a raucous one- eyed Hawks fan, (ed.)

We thought the t-shirt was flapping like a bird until we got the binoculars and saw it was an eagle. We then thought it was caught on the fence, somehow with the t-shirt and were getting ready to go up to free it.

It seemed to be pulling at the t-shirt, then low and behold it flew off with the t-shirt! Would it be building a nest this time of the year?

Great observation Linda. These fantastic birds are enthralling to watch. The Wedge -tailed Eagle includes carrion as part of it’s diet. Perhaps it confused Ron’s Hawthorn jumper for carrion. Nesting begins from next month and the nest usually comprises sticks. I don’t think Ron’s shirt was taken to line the nest, but may have attracted the curiosity of the great bird. I’m not superstitious, but I wouldn’t back the Hawks for this year’s Premiership, the West Coast Eagles might be the way to go.

Wildlife carers Rick and Claire snapped a photo of an unusual critter;blind snake

Looking like a good size worm, this blind snake (Ramphotyphlops ssp) is rarely seen (nocturnal and is non-venomous. This is my kind of snake! Well maybe not, as on further research the blind snake defends itself by vomiting up it’s last meal and or releasing a foul odour from it’s anal glands! The Blind Snake therefore is classified under F.A.R.T. – foul aroma releasing thingy.


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