Flying Snakes and Mighty Magpies seen in Flowerdale


An obscure photo taken on a primitive mobile phone shows a red bellied black snake in a blue gum @ 10 metres above ground. I wasn’t game to get any closer for a better shot as I was sure it was about to drop and I don’t relish the prospect of a snake draped around my neck. My attention to the snake’s presence was alerted by mudlarks and magpies who were watching the progress of this 1 metre long reptile. I have never seen a red bellied black snake climb a tree before and was surprised at how agile it was. I wonder if it was searching for prey such as Peron’s Tree Frog or even microbats that hide under the bark ribbons that hang from this tree.

Speaking of magpies (Cracticus tibicen), there are several variations found in Flowerdale; the Black Backed Magpie (usually found north of the dividing range), the White Backed Magpie usually south of the range) and two mutant forms; an almost white mutation and the subspecies Cracticus tibicen “Collingwoodii” usually found in or around the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Special Note; All Magpies are Protected.  Floreat pica



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