White Ribbon Day supported by KPCEG

Carry the Flame Walk              Flowerdale to Marysville

November 25 marks both the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and White Ribbon Day, the first day of the White Ribbon Campaign.

‘Do your bit’ to help stop men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon Australia needs your help to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women and there is no better way to do that than to host an event with your colleagues, mates, family or community.

Steve Joblin from the Flowerdale Men’s Shed is leading this walk starting on Sunday 24th of November, everyone is welcome to walk along side him. If you would like to join Steve in raising awareness about Violence against women please see below times and dates of the journey.

Sunday 24th November 5pm Flowerdale Men’s shed to Flowerdale Community House

Monday 25th 9.15am Flowerdale Community house to Kinglake

Tuesday 26th 9.00am Kinglake to Toolangi

Wednesday 27th 9.00am Toolangi to Healesville

Thursday 28th 9.00am Healesville to Narbethong

Friday 29th 7.00am Narbethong to Marysville arrive at the Victorian Men’s Shed Assn.   A.G.M. at Marysville Triangle Men’s shed 10.00am.

You are helping to break the silence around violence against women

The White Ribbon Campaign                                                              

The White Ribbon Campaign is the first male-led campaign to end violence against women in the world. We encourage men to take a stand and say that violence, in any form, is never acceptable.

Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge that the wearer does not excuse violence against women, and is committed to supporting community action to stop violence by men against women.

Men who wear a white ribbon demonstrate their opposition to violence against women and their commitment to equality between women and men. Men of all ages, from all workplaces, of all political affiliations and of all racial, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, sexual orientation and physical ability are needed to help establish community leadership to stop violence against women.

Steve can be contacted on 0412334521 if you would like further information, or visit www.whiteribbon.org.au and swear the oath and find out how you can help.

This  event is supported by Flowerdale Men’s Shed, King Parrot Creek Environment Group  & Flowerdale Community House CoM’s.

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