Grand Final special – the Purple Haze descends

Some of you may not be aware that last weekend, the Fremantle Dockers AFL team qualified for their first Grand Final, to be played on Saturday. The main colour of the jersey is purple and to their fans the team is affectionately known as the ‘Purple Haze’. Looking up at the spur above our house at the moment you could be forgiven for thinking I have forsaken the West Coast Eagles and jumped onto the Freo band-wagon. (Those of you who have visited Western Australia will realise that this is slightly more ridiculous than a Carlton fan supporting Collingwood). It appears a purple haze has descended on the hill above our house.

A. baileyana purpurea new foliage

A. baileyana purpurea new foliage

The colour is due to a stand of trees which are a particular cultivar of the Cootamundra Wattle known as Acacia baileyana purpurea. In Spring A. baileyana produces new growth that is light green in colour (see photo below) whereas this cultivar produces new foliage that is purple in colour, REALLY purple (see photo left). With all the branches tipped with purple foliage it looks like there is a  purple mist on the hill.

A. baileyana new foliage

A. baileyana new foliage

Like the normal Cootamundra Wattle, A. baileyana purpurea is classed as an environmental weed in the Murrindindi Shire and should be removed.

Maybe I’ll wait until after the Grand Final. I’ll be busy this weekend watching the footy. Go Freo.


  1. Ron, guernsey is the Victorian term for a football jumper, which is also just as good.
    Not jersey.
    That seems to be another annoying American word that’s working it’s way into our language.

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