Readers contributions…

Inspired by our ‘sticky fingers’ post, Anthony, a recent visitor to Flowerdale from Singapore, sent in this photo.


This is an Asian House Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) found throughout South East Asia and also Northern Australia. A successful coloniser, this gecko probably entered Australia by boat. Through competition for food, this gecko may be responsible for displacing local species. For further information  click on…/IPA-Asian-HouseGecko-Risk-Assessment.pd.

LNB Watsons Ck 2

This ghostly black and white photo was sent in by Chris from his movement activated camera. The animal in the frame is a Long nosed Bandicoot found at the northern end of the Flowerdale Valley. These animals are active at night digging for grubs and fungi, leaving cone shaped holes in the grass. They don’t venture far from dense cover as they are at risk from foxes. This one was on a creek line with dense thickets of Tree Violet in the background. Since the fires of 2009, the Long nosed Bandicoot has appeared throughout the Flowerdale Valley, often as road kill unfortunately.


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