Sticky fingers

IMG_5470The last couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed planting some of 7,500 trees on a revegetation project in a steep and isolated part of Flowerdale. This morning Julian, the young local assisting me,  spotted a tiny creature in the crevice of the door of my 4 wheel drive. Our initial impression was that the stowaway had departed this world. I took it home to try and identify it.

The unseasonal warmth of this winters day (record 19 degrees)  produced a miracle in this tiny reptile.  In the warmth of my dashboard, what appeared deceased came rapidly back to life. After a few quick photos this little creature was returned to where it was found to wriggle it’s way back into hiding in a crevice in the rock. It will need to wait a few more weeks until Spring is truly here and the temperature is consistently warm enough for it’s body temperature to rise and allow it to hunt..  I think this tiny reptile is a Marbled Gecko (Christinus marmoratus). 


The little toe pads do feel a little bit sticky, ticklish too!


One comment

  1. I found the same lizard here in Singapore the other day while at a worksite above an underground tank. Unlike yours, this one has a full beautiful tail. How to send u the photos?

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