Planting Project in the foothills of the Yea Spur

NAB ClarkOn the 3oth May, Corporate volunteers from National Australia Bank and JBWere descended on the property of Rick and Claire, Wildlfe carers and members of the King Parrot Creek Environment Group. Other members of the Group; David and Laurie, Steve and Heather joined with the volunteers to lay out seedlings and help supervise, as many of the volunteers had not been involved in this kind of project previously.

The target for the day was to plant and guard at least 300 native trees, shrubs and ground covers into a narrow gully to provide good cover for local fauna using the gully as a link to the remnant vegetation along the top of the ridge. Most of the vegetation on Rick and Claires block is Red and Yellow Box forming an open woodland. The only shrub layer had been a substantial blackberry infestation in the gully which made it inaccessible.

After a couple of years of hard slog, this gully has had the blackberry removed by Rick and  through this planting day it has been replaced by 480 diverse local plants. Target over- achieved! In 12 months to 2 years, the guards will be removed as these plants should have established and be able to survive the attention of wallabies, sambar and fallow deer. A lot of sedges ( Carex appressa) were planted which are really good for holding erosion prone soil and providing quick ground cover in damp spots. The underside of the leaf of this sedge is quite abrasive which discourages browsers.


Morning tea, always welcome

This project was enabled through the support of Chris Cobern, Upper Goulburn Landcare Network.


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