Congratulations Trent Patten and Steve Junghenn

Both members of our Committee of Management.

Trent Patten has been involved in surveying for and trying to capture footage of the endangered Leadbeaters Possum and working towards the protection of its habitat for several years now. Some terrific video footage captured just last week can be viewed on

Congratulations Trent on your perserverance and of course to your family, who learned to live with your nocturnal life in pursuit of this tiny marsupial.

Congratulations also to Steve Junghenn, Secretary of our Environment Group. After months of preparing an extensive submission and reaching the second round of Interviews, Steve unfortunately missed out on his bid to gain a Churchill Fellowship Study Scholarship to research Wildlife Management overseas. With over 1,200 applicants from across Australia, the competition was intense for the 100 positions available.

The judges were impressed with national significance of his submission to study;”‘The sustainable use of overpopulations of native wildlife to the advantage of both the local wildlife and local Indigenous communities” and they recommended reapplying for next years round of funding.

Steve has several years experience advising Government on wildlife management issues, such as the Alpine Dingo/Wild Dog Task Force and the MAV Right to Farm Advisory Board.


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