Possum Picnic

Photo by Trent Patten

Photo by Trent Patten

This little possum still exists in forests around 40km away from Flowerdale… 

Leadbeater’s Possum was thought extinct for nearly 50 years when it was surprising ‘rediscovered’

on 3rd April 1961 by Eric Wilkinson near Cambarville.

To celebrate the persistence of Victoria’s critically endangered faunal emblem to survive against the odds, Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum has nominated the first week of April each year (1st – 7th) as national Leadbeater’s Possum Awareness Week. Don’t forget to wear your LbP Ribbon!

Victorian schools have been sent information and activities for students and teachers to undertake in order to learn more about this unique species and to raise awareness of the possums plight within their school communities. Some schools have undertaken fundraising activities to support Leadbeater’s survival in the wild.

Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum invites members and friends to join us on SATURDAY 6th APRIL at 1pm at the CAMBARVILLE PICNIC GROUND for an afternoon of celebration which will include a “Walk ‘n’ Talk” in the forest with Dave Blair, Research Officer for Prof David Lindenmayer (ANU), followed by afternoon tea at the picnic ground. We are expecting Eric Wilkinson to be attending and hope that he may be able to share a moment with us reflecting on that amazing rediscovery.

Please either respond by email to indicate your intention to attend by emailing: pjwmiskin@bigpond.com or by responding to the Facebook Event which has been widely distributed. Your RSVP will enable us to cater sufficiently for the attendees. 

Dress appropriately for a walk in the bush and according to variable weather conditions. The event will be confirmed on this page the night before – predicted heavy rain will be a trigger for cancellation but currently the forecast is for low 20s and mostly sunny. You might like to bring along a picnic rug, chair and an extra thermos of hot water!

their future is in our hands…

Leadbeater’s Possum is Victoria’s State Faunal emblem. An endangered species with both State and National        Recovery Programs in place. Endemic to Victoria, they exist nowhere else but the Central Highlands forests, Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve and alpine areas between Lake Mountain & Mt. Baw Baw.

Population estimates prior to the 2009 bushfires were around 2,000-2,500 individuals, post-fire estimates are <1,000. Approximately 40-50% of their prime habitat was lost in the fires.

We are Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum Inc. Established in 2004 to give a voice to these amazing but elusive forest animals. Leadbeater’s Possum habitat has many impacts ranging from timber harvesting (including salvage logging) to bushfire and bushfire prevention methods like fuel breaks and fuel reduction burning.

Together we hope to be able to help Leadbeater’s survive in the wild by encouraging conservation efforts, research programs and effective conservation strategies and policies.

The above invitation was forwarded  to King Parrot Creek Environment Group Inc. via a committee member with a commitment to protecting the Leadbeaters Possum.

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