One thing we can always pride ourselves in locally is the great willingness in our community to reach out and lend a hand. Members of the King Parrot Creek Environment Group executive; Paul, Don and Steve did just that last Thursday to help out one of our members who experiences health difficulties. In the process, one of the helpers experienced a serious anxiety attack related to the aftermath of the 2009 fires and had to be taken by ambulance to the Northern Hospital, being later discharged (after the hard work on the fences had been done!). Well done to the Yea ambos and thanks to the other helpers present for the support.

One of our members has forwarded a request for help from our Tasmanian brothers and sisters who are working their way through their own fire recovery process, I have attached the request below;

From: Revegetation DTNH [mailto:reveg@dunalleytasman.org]
Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2013 3:53 PM
To: Dave Judge
Subject: Volunteers needed

Hello everyone,
Thanks so much for those volunteers who have already started working on the Revegetation & Garden Restoration Program – Great Job.

I am calling out for anyone that can help me dig up bulbs in Lindisfarne on Tuesday 26th March 10am-12md.
We need to dig out and clean the bulbs, and bag them up ready to distribute to the recipients.
So I could do with some help. If you can help out please email or phone me so I can give you directions, and to get an idea of numbers able to help.
Morning tea will be provided, and there is access to toilets/ water.
I may also need some volunteers to work on digging weeds and removing burnt plant material at a garden in Connolleys Marsh next week. If you can spend half a day to a day (18th – 21s t March) on getting this project underway please let me know, Tools and gloves can be provided.


Kerrie Brown
Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House
Revegetation & Garden Restoration Program
Phone: 62535579 (Dunalley office)
Email: reveg@dunalleytasman.org
Website: http://www.dunalleytasman.org

A few months after our own fires, a Mrs. Joan Curling (the family that used to own the Hazeldene Store) called through with her daughter with half a dozen daffodil bulbs for me to plant. Every time they come up, they remind me of the kindness of so many people after Black Saturday.

If any of the men in our group are interested, the Flowerdale Men’s Shed who we successfully catered for at their grand opening on 2.3.13, are having a healthy breakfast and get together at 9.30 am Saturday 16.3.13. Call Steve Junghenn on 0434 023 533.


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