Nightwatch walks with Trent and Vikki

Flowerdale locals Trent and Vikki, will be commencing a schedule of walks looking at our nocturnal animals with the assistance of thermo graphic equipment and spotlights. These opportunities have always been very popular for all ages.

The first walk will take place on the last Friday of February (22nd). The meeting place will be Coonan’s Reserve at the Upper King Parrot Road entrance to the Reserve. All members and friends welcome.

Majestic Manna gums tower over the track at Coonan's Reserve

Majestic Manna gums tower over the track at Coonan’s Reserve

Bring: camera, torch, food and refreshment as required

Time: Arrive just on sunset. The walk will be around 1 hour duration.

What to expect; Expect the unexpected! The last walk revealed Boobook Owl Chicks high in a Manna Gum hollow, and many other creatures. It is rumoured that a hobbit has been seen in parts of the Reserve. Unlikely, or is it?

If you can’t make it to this walk, the next walk will be the last Friday of April. Time and meeting place to be advised.


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